How far in advance do I need to reserve a curtain rental?

To secure your equipment and ensure availability, we highly recommend making your reservation as early as possible, particularly during peak seasons. Nonetheless, we understand that last-minute requests can arise, and we strive to accommodate them whenever feasible. 

How far in advance do I need to reserve a curtain build?

Curtain builds are tailored to the specific scope and size of each job, resulting in varying timelines. Some projects can be completed with a quick turnaround. We are dedicated to accommodating deadlines and collaborating closely with our customers to ensure that we meet their specific timeline requirements. 

Is a deposit required to reserve equipment?

Yes, we require a deposit to reserve equipment. The deposit amount varies depending on the equipment you are renting and the length of the rental period.

What is included in a rental package?

Our package includes fixtures, hanging hardware, safeties, spares for on-site incidents, a mini operator for fixture control, a manual, and custom-length data cables.

What if equipment is damaged or lost during my rental period?

During your rental period, you assume responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur. Prior to the release of rentals, we require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) as a standard procedure. 

Will my rental arrive in cases?

We take pride in ensuring the safety of your orders. Curtains are securely packed in unhinged road cases with castors, while fixtures are carefully housed in either large Pelican cases or compact road cases with castors.